• Lumii Digita 600W Digital Lighting Kit

******************* Our Best Selling Ballast Kit *******************

This Excellent value digital lighting kit comes with a lumii Maxii dutch barn style shade with 4m cable and a dual spectrum Lumii Sunblaster lamp suitable for the full life cycle of your plants.

This ballast includes a power setting switch to allow adjustment from 250W, 400W, 600W and 660W which allows use of 250W, 400W and 600W HPS, SHPS and MH lamps.

Ideal for a all in one grow tent where you can start off with a 250 of 400W MH for your vegetative stages then switch the lamp for your flowering lamp at 600W and finish flowering on the higher setting. This could save you 30% on your electricity cost across the grow period, by using the lower rated lamps for the earlier stages when the plants do not require so much light or heat.

Digital ballasts are significantly more efficient than traditional magnetic ballasts usually only 30-37W are lost in the digital ballast compared to the 50-75W in a good magnetic ballast. This loss is down to heat generated in the internals of the ballast and usually just adds to the heat problems found in a grow room.

Please note that 400W lamps should not be used at the 600W or 660W settings, however 600W lamps can be dimmed down to the lower settings, (some lamps respond better to dimming down than others.

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Lumii Digita 600W Digital Lighting Kit

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