Propagating cuttings is probably the most critical point in your specimen plants survival, make these days hassle free with our tried and tested range of propagators and rooting aids.

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Clonex Mist Natural Root Stimulator 100ml

Clonex Mist Natural Root Stimulator 100ml

Clonex® Mist is the latest innovation in cloning technology, developed to make cloning even more s..


Clonex Rooting Hormone 50ml

Clonex Rooting Hormone 50ml

This is a truly iconic product, born out of our own experience as volume propagators way back in t..


Root It First Feed 125ml
Root It Rooting Gel 150ml
RootIt Value Propagation Kit

RootIt Value Propagation Kit

The latest innovation in propagation! The ideal start to propagation. Kit includes everything you ne..


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